NewSpace Ignitor

In Partnership with Air Force Research Laboratory

About the application process

Applications will be accepted AUGUST 1 until SEPTEMBER 1

Get ready to fast-track your growth with NewSpace Ignitor!

  • Who should apply? Early growth to mid-sized US-based space companies that want end-to-end support to progress their mature and well-defined concept to product to sales faster
  • When will the cohort begin? October 1st
  • Where will the program take place? The program will be hosted in-person at Unite & Ignite Space @Launchpad, our co-innovation workspace, and online.
  • Is there a cost?  No, the program is free.
  • How is this incubator program different? NewSpace Ignitor provides support beyond the concept phase with a tailored navigation plan and services that accelerate product development and increase access to capital and customer contracts.
  • How long is the cohort? Three months to one year.
  • Why does the cohort length vary? It varies because every company’s needs are different. In addition, companies that need access to shared testing workspaces and equipment for product development will have up to a year to utilize these resources.
  • Why work with NewSpace New Mexico? With extensive experience in commercial, civil and military space, product marketing and sales acceleration, NewSpace New Mexico uses its knowledge and vast network of stakeholder relationships to bring vetted opportunities and hard-to-find resources and services to the companies that need them.
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1.What is the application process like? Companies fill out the online form with information about their company and their concept. Ten companies will be invited to pitch their concept and participate in the Phase I cohort. After the pitch, four companies will be invited to participate in Phase II.

2.How will my application be evaluated? Concepts will be evaluated based on the quality of the concept, the relevance of the concept, the viability of the product strategy and the maturity of the company.

3.What’s the difference between Phase I and Phase II? Phase I Cohort Companies receive pitch feedback, market analysis, use of co-innovation workspaces and connector services. Phase II Cohort Companies receive all NewSpace Ignitor services from concept to product to sales. Services are tailored to each company’s specific needs. All applicants are eligible for free membership to join the NewSpace Alliance.

4.How much time will my company need to spend on this program?  It’s up to you. There are two tracks for finalist companies to participate based on company needs:  A short track should be completed in about 3 months, and a longer track should be completed in about 1 year. Finalist companies should expect to invest up to 5 hours per week during this program.

5.What’s the difference between an idea and a concept? An idea is a rough mental construct, while a concept is a refined notion that is developed from extensive analysis. An idea is usually an individual effort. On the other hand, a group is needed to establish a concept.

6.Which customers will participate in ShowSpace events?  Government organizations, representatives from large space companies and members of the investment community will be invited to one or more ShowSpace events.


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